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Maintaining and Servicing Your Vacuum Cleaner

Jan 6, 2016

All too often we neglect our vacuum cleaner until something goes wrong and we’re forced to visit the vacuum cleaner repair shop. Much like your motor vehicle, vacuum cleaners need maintenance. Vacuum servicing will optimize cleaning and prevent breakdowns. Spending a little bit of time to maintain your vacuum will save you from having to shell out money at the vacuum cleaner repair store.

What type of maintenance and servicing can I do at home?

Let’s get started below are four key tools that will insure your vacuum is receiving the love and care it needs to preform optimally

Vacuum Roller Brush

You will notice that hair will collect in your roller. Remove any debris that is wrapped around your roller brush. By removing this debris from your vacuum roller brush your vacuum cleaner will experience less friction and can agitate much more effectively. Collections of hair or debris will strain the motor and decrease the vacuum cleaners ability to clean your carpets.

Vacuum Belt

Most Vacuum Cleaners brands such as Eureka, dirt devil, Bissell, Kenmore, Electrolux and many other popular brands use a flat belt system. Approximately once every 2 years this belt should be changed. Flat belts lose elasticity over time leading to permanent stretching. This means your belt is no longer snug causing your roller or agitator to slip and slowdown. If your vacuum cleaner features a cogged or geared belt you will not need to replace it unless it unless it has torn.

Vacuum Filter

We recommend that all non-washable vacuum filters be replaced once a year. Bagless vacuums filters will need to be replaced more often than bagged machines. Because Bagless machines do not contain dirt inside the bag this means that more dirt is traveling through your filters. Monthly checks to bagless vacuum cleaners filters are recommended. Dirty filters will decrease air flow and lessen the suction power of your vacuum cleaner. This can also stress the motor of your machine. Keeping your filters clean will make sure you’re getting the most out of your vacuum.

Vacuum Bags

When you open your vacuum cleaner to replace your bag it should be roughly 2/3 full. Letting your paper bag fill up completely will put stress on your machine resulting in less suction power while the bag is overfilled. Most vacuum cleaners use paper bags , this type of bag will not hold as much dirt as cloth bags. If you’re using a paper bag look to purchase cloth bags in the future as they will not have decreased suction power when capacity has surpassed 2/3 and will hold more dirt than paper bags. If you’re unsure where to locate cloth bags for your vacuum cleaner we will gladly help you find the best quality bag for your vacuum.

Maintaining and Servicing Your Vacuum Cleaner