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Bagged VS Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Aug 26, 2015


Bagless Vacuum Cleaners VS Bagged Vacuum Cleaners What is the better choice for you?

Both of these options have advantages and disadvantages let’s take a look at the pros and cons of bagless and bagged vacuum cleaners

Bagged Vacuum Cleaners


  • Containment, Bagged vacuum cleaners contain dirt inside a paper bag or cloth bag that protect you from breathing in the dirt when removing the collected dirty from your vacuum cleaner.
  • Suction Power, Bagged vacuum cleaners allow for more efficient suction power because the vast majority of dirty collected from your home is directed into the bag and then is filtered through the filtration process in the vacuum cleaner. Because the collected dirt does not flow directly through your vacuum filters until it has passed through the bag your filters stay much cleaner and allow for better air flow and suction power.
  • Air Quality, Air quality is very important considering how much time we spend in our homes. Bagged machines allow for cleaner air to be exhausted back into your home.


  • Replacing Bags, every time your bag is full with dirt you have collected from your home you will be required to open your vacuum cleaner and swap out the old bag for a new empty bag. Unlike Bagless vacuums the process of emptying the bag is a very hygienic and you will not be exposed to harmful dirt or allergens.
  • Cost of replacement Bags, Unlike Bagless vacuums you are required to purchase new bags when needed. The type of vacuum bags that your vacuum cleaner uses will determine the cost of your replacement bags. Micro cloth bags are becoming popular among new vacuum cleaners and hold a lot more dust then conventional paper bags allowing for more dirt inside your bags and replacement less often


Bagless Vacuum Cleaners


  • Visibility of Dirt, Bagless vacuums allow for you to physically see all the dirt and dust you have collected reassuring you that your hard work vacuuming has removed dirt from your home.
  • Saving on Bags, The cost of replacement bags is eliminated with bagless vacuum cleaners however filters will need to be clean and replaced more often due to increased dirt moving through the filters.


  • Cost Of Filters, replacement filters can be costly often they can end up costing more than replacement bags. Bagless machines require filters to be changed more often than baggeg vacuums.
  • Exposure To Harmful Dirt, When emptying out your dirt receptacle you’re exposed to the dirt that you have removed from your carpets. This exposure can be harmful to health, especially in cases of asthma and allergies
  • Suction Power Efficiency, dirt will flow directly through your filters causing a them to become dirty more often than with bagged vacuums. When filters become dirty it restricts the airflow inhibiting suction power.

If you have any questions about your vacuum cleaner or are looking to purchase a vacuum come visit Alberta Vacuum Experts and our knowledgeable and friendly staff will help you by providing you with helpful information


Bagged VS Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Electrolux Central Vacuum System Review

Nov 1, 2015


Electrolux has been around for as long as I can remember and is a very common vacuum cleaner brand till this very day. Let’s take a look at the quality and performance of the Electrolux central vacuum cleaners. Let’s start with the filtration. Electrolux has not moved away from the conventional cyclonic filtration system. The cyclonic filtration system is a technology that has been around since the beginning of central vacuums and offers minimal filtration. The idea of cyclonic filtration, a self-cleaning filter that never needs to be replaced sounds great. If you are sitting down and reading this thinking that it sounds too good to be true that’s because you’re right the old saying holds true. Cyclonic filtration leads to a filter that is dirty or plugged up, preventing air from passing through efficiently in turn leaving you with less suction power.

Motor Performance Lifespan

Electrolux central vacuum motors often use high efficiency flow through motors that are less likely to last past the 5 year mark. Bypass and tangential bypass motors are a pricier motor to manufacture however they produce more suction power with an average lifespan of more than double that of a flow through motor. More brands of central vacuum system are using the lower grade of flow through motor than ever before.  When purchasing a central vacuum the style of motor is among the most important topics to review.  

Accessory Package

Hose and power nozzle accessory kits available fall under the curve when it comes to usability, durability and performance. Designed with mostly plastic components Electrolux hose and power nozzle attachment kits are among the least durable accessory packages on the market. A common problem with the power nozzle is a broken neck or wiring issue. The accessory packages that are available receive a less than satisfactory review from our customers. We do not sell the line of Electrolux central vacuum system however we repair thousands. Because your Hose and power heads on you central vacuum receive more use than any other component of your central vacuum it is very important to purchase a durable accessory package that will get the job done as quickly as possible.  


The Electrolux central vacuum is often competitively priced relative to most central vacuum systems the quality and performance is average when selecting a central vacuum system make sure to look over the three key components I have highlighted.

Electrolux Central Vacuum System Review