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Should I repair my vacuum cleaner? Is it time for a change?

Nov 1, 2015

If only it were that easy to answer your question. Often we must do a little bit of homework because some vacuum cleaners are considered none repairable. This might be the reason you end up having to purchase a new vacuum. Together we will take a closer look and to do so we need to answer the following question can my vacuum be repaired.


Can My Vacuum Cleaner Be Repaired?

Many brands of vacuum clears today are coming out with new model more often and it’s becoming difficult to find parts for a lot of vacuum cleaners. I deal with the million dollar question daily “can you fix my vacuum cleaner and how much will it cost?” And my answer is consistent if the parts are available I’m sure we can fix your vacuum the price will depend on the cost of those replacement parts but we offer a free estimate on all vacuum cleaner repairs.  In the past vacuum manufacturers would often manufacture a few different models for a number of years. Electrolux sold the same model of canister vacuum for over 20 Years! Many new machines are being manufactured for short periods of time and limited replacement parts are produced. I always advice my customers to purchase a vacuum that will always have replacement parts available. More important is knowing the company that is selling you your vacuum cleaner repairs vacuum cleaners because only then will they have the knowledge of  where and how to locate replacement parts.  Leaving you fending for yourself when your vacuum cleaner decides that it’s had enough of cleaning your rugs is not fun for the consumer.  We will not sell a vacuum cleaner that we’re not familiar with. We must know that we can always receive parts for a particular brand of  vacuum before we consider it as a product we will carry in our store.

Should I repair my vacuum cleaner? Is it time for a change?

Central Vacuum or Portable Vacuum

Nov 1, 2015

Let’s go over some of the pros and comes of owning a central vacuum and portable vacuum. This will help you decide what the right choice of vacuum cleaner for your home!

Central Vacuum Pros

More suction, a quality central vacuum system uses a much larger motor than your average portable vacuum cleaner. On average central vacuum motors are 3 to 4 times larger than portable vacuum motors.

Air Quality, dirt that is collected from your central vacuum travels though piping in your home to a container usually located in your storage room or garage. Central vacuums have the ability to be vented to the outside this guarantees all dirt and allergens are removed from your home.

-Value to your Home, when purchasing or selling a home central vacuums is plus for the buyer or seller. For anyone looking to sell a property having central vacuum is something that potential buyers will enjoy.

-Low maintenance, the average lifespan of a quality central vacuum is much longer than any upright or canister vacuum. An average central vacuum system usually includes a 3-4 year warranty some brands offer up to 15 year warranties.

Portable Vacuum Pros

-Short Term Affordability, if you are renting or live in a home that was not previously roughed in for central vacuum a portable vacuum might be more affordable and a better choice. Although most homes can still have central vacuums installed if they were not previously roughed in pre-construction the investment of a central vacuum may not be your number one choice.

-Portable, if you are in a temporary living situation it is very easy to pack your things and move. Upright and canister vacuums can easily be taken to your new residence.


With the amount of hours that we spend keeping our homes clean it is important to have the right tools. Having the right tools makes the job easier and this translates into less time spent cleaning the home and a cleaner home. If central vacuum is an option in your home and can work for your budget it is recommended. If rent a home, plan to move from your home or live in a home where central vacuum installation is not an option then choosing the right portable vacuum is the next best thing.

Central Vacuum or Portable Vacuum